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  Maxbuzz Primoise Spammer!!!free

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PostSubject: Maxbuzz Primoise Spammer!!!free   Sat Jul 20, 2013 1:30 pm

1.Login kardane binahayat id (login unlimited ids)
2.join shodan dar binahayat room (join unlimited room)
3.tabliqat dar kole room ha, pv dadan be kasai ke join midan (spam in all rooms,send pv to joiners)
4.join dadane dobare to room dar sorate baan visitor ea kick shodan (rejoin on baan kick or visitor)
5.kasi age kicko baan kone dobare join mide behesh mige chera kick mikoni (auto send why baan,kick msg to manager)
6.flood kardane kole rooma ( flood all rooms )
7.auto join dadan to roomai ke full bude (knook rooms that are full)
8.automat id haro bad az 1modat reconnect mikone(auto relog all ids after a time)

9.to har roomi age kasi be harkodom az id haton pv bede neshon mishe ( show recided pvs from all rooms )
10.remote vase inke pv ha va chizae digaro vasaton send kone (have remote to send u pvs and other events)
11.va... ke hosele nadaram tozi bedam (and more.. i cant say)

barname 100% kar mikone kasi balad nabud yad begire (softs working 100% if u dont know, learn)

What You need to this tool:
Room Searcher:http://s3.picofile.com/file/7548294943/r...r.rar.html
ID Convertor:http://s3.picofile.com/file/7555168381/Maxbuzz_ID_Convertor.rar.htm
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Maxbuzz Primoise Spammer!!!free
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